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I am upgrading my site, so you can now book and pay for classes online. Please go to to find my latest blog post and information about classes in the new year.  This site will no longer show new posts.

Spring offerings in Sydney and Perth and a Summer cleanse retreat

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Since I returned to Australia work has taken me hither and yon. I have reacquainted myself with the splendour of this land and given thanks for being at ‘home’. I so enjoyed teaching to full houses in Darwin and found my new collaboration with Bells at Killcare a total delight, thankfully it seems that so did all attendees. I return to Bells in November for a Summer Cleanse workshop, see details here and book with Bells here.

To those wanting the Capturing Cultures classes in Sydney my apologies for a very long wait.  I am teaching a Capturing Cultures class at  ‘Earth Food Store’ in Gould Street at Bondi Beach on Tuesday September 17th. Earth Food Store and Food By Holly Davis are offering this as, a payment by donation class, to make it accessible to anyone keen for the information. For details and booking click here. THIS CLASS IS NOW FULLY BOOKED

From October 9th to November 18th I shall be in Perth to teach a series of cooking classes, click here for details and bookings. I go to Perth to teach: Sourdough Baking, Lacto Fermentation, Meat Cookery, Duck and Poultry and Fish Cookery; these are all units of the Natural Chef Training Program run by Jude Blereau.  Next year’s program is well worth consideration if you are a hungry would-be wholefood chef, cafe owner, restaurateur, writer, nutritionist and more.


Recipes I presented at the MINDD foundation conference May 17th

Oxtail goodness

Following are recipes for the dishes those that attended the MINDD Foundation conference ate.  Thank you to the 200 who came and all who have requested this information.

Slow cooked Chinese style oxtail soup

2 tablespoons duck fat or ghee

1.5 kilos organic oxtail, dried well

6 eschallots peeled and cut in half

6 garlic cloves peeled and cut in half

2 leeks, cut in 3cm lengths,washed and drained very well

6 large slices ginger

6 carrots wedge cut

2 dried organic mandarin skins (dry your own in a sunny place or warm spot in the kitchen)

100mls tamari – wheat free, naturally fermented soy sauce Spiral is my preferred brand in Australia, Clearspring in the UK

200 mls Chinese rice wine or sake

Gelatinous home made beef or chicken stock, and water, to well cover

Heat the duck fat and brown each piece of meat well all over

Place meat into a deep, heavy baking dish or heavy casserole

Add the eschalots and garlic and soften and brown them

Add the remaining ingredients and bring to a simmer

Season and pour this over the oxtails

Cover with a sheet of unbleached baking paper and then cover with a lid or foil

Place in oven preheated to 140˚C

Bake for 3-4 hours or until the meat collapses off the bones

Serve with lots of dark green vegetables, if you eat grains you can and half a cup of pearled barley or whole spelt along with the meat. This will make it more unctuous.

The overall deliciousness is determined by the quality of your stock

Labne – strained yoghurt and whey

Vegetarian, Gluten free

1 kilo yoghurt makes approximately 400gms and plenty of whey

 1 kilo thick kefir product or Yoghurt from Goat, Sheep or Cow’s milk (no added milk solids)

Take a large conical sieve and a bowl that this will sit across in the fridge

Line the sieve with a double layer of muslin or a very clean cloth

Pour the yoghurt into the lined strainer and cover

Place in the fridge and leave to drain for 6-12 hours, the longer you leave it the thicker the end product

You can serve the labne as is, or you can add freshly chopped herbs and garlic to it then smother it in plenty of your favourite Extra Virgin Olive Oil or

You could drizzle the labne with some delicious raw honey or maple syrup or add cultured fruit or berries and crispy nuts to it for a great breakfast or dessert option.

Contain the whey in an airtight jar to drink or  use a tablespoon in grain and bean soaking water or add to culturing veg, you can wash wounds with whey. The beneficial bacteria reside in plentiful numbers in the whey. it keeps well for a few weeks, in the fridge

Fish Stock

Makes approximately 4 litres

3 or 4 whole frames from white fish

2 tablespoons ghee

2 leeks, cut in fine strips and washed well

2 carrots, rough cut

1 bunch thyme

1 bunch parsley

1 bay leaf

6 black peppercorns

1 cup dry white wine

¼  cup white wine vinegar

4 litres cold filtered water

Heat a large stainless steel pot

Add the ghee and all the vegetables

Cook gently 10 minutes to soften the vegetables

Add the wine and bring to a boil

Add the fish frames and cover with cold water

Add the vinegar

Bring to a boil and skim all scum that rises to the surface

Add the herbs to the pot

Reduce the heat, cover and simmer for 1-2 hours

Top up the water as necessary

Strain and discard the solids

Allow the stock to cool and then cover and put it in the fridge

Portion into freezeable containers and label with the date made

Freeze for up to 3 months

Coriander Fish balls in, or out, of broth

 600 gms wild bream fillets, check no bones and cut in chunks

1 teaspoon sea salt

1/2  bunch shallots chopped

2cm chunk ginger chopped

80 mls coconut cream

1/2  bunch coriander well washed and chopped

Combine the first 7 ingredients in the food processor in batches and whiz until firm (as shown)

Form the mix into balls 4-5 per person

For the broth

2 litres fish stock, see accompanying recipe

80 mls coconut cream

1/2  bunch garlic chives

1/2 cup sugar snaps tailed

lots of fresh leafy herbs, to taste

Pour the fish stock and coconut cream into a pot

Bring to a gentle simmer

Place the fish balls in the broth

Simmer gently for 5-8 minutes or until cooked through

Taste and re season as needed

Add the sugar snaps and cook for 2 minutes

Blanch the chives and tie 3 at a time in small knots to

garnish each bowl or simply chop them finely

Serve with freshly picked herbs

Click the photo below to see the recipe that transforms quince from yellow to glorious red. It is on The Food Coach website, a great recipe and information resource. Maple and rooibos baked quince

Maple and rooibos baked quince

Exciting things afoot. Pop up classes with The Real Food Project July 10 and 16

Cultured vegetablesBe very quick to book, these will go like hot kim chi! The interest in lacto fermented, probiotic, cultured foods is on the rise, come and help me spread the good bugs. They will be fun and informative evenings and you get a jar of culturing vegetables to take home. All for just $55!

Click to BOOK@Real Food Projects

I am teaching in Darwin June 29 and 30. Please spread the news but if you know her, please don’t share where my daughter India might see

Cultured vegetablesMy baby, India, turns 20 in June. Having been parted for so long we are going bush together; to celebrate our reunion and her birthday, but where remains a surprise I hope, until June 13th. This is the best time of year to visit Darwin and a long hard winter in London finds me desperate for warmer climes. French canadian Carole Baillargeon worked at Iku in the early 90’s, she left to for Darwin and established ‘Darwin Yoga Space’. Carole is keen for me to teach a few classes while I am there and so the weekend of June 29 and 30 will be dedicated to that and India will be my beautiful young assistant (I am assuming!). If you have contacts you think might benefit from coming to these classes please pass on this link, all the information is there and bookings can be made through the Yoga School I am excited to be travelling north and in such good company, there will be tales to tell and we are likely to be keeping instagram busy whilst we are there. My Instagram page is – wholefoodee

A brief note on things afoot and to say I have returned to sunny Sydney

Many months have passed since last I wrote a thing, words escaped me but now I am delightfully reunited with my home and my own bed, heaven but due to various commitments, I shall not be in it for long. This post will be brief, there is much to share after 11 months in London but I am not quite up to that yet. Life is altered and life has been very kind to me I met wonderful people, ate great food and was inspired to create several new dishes I will share with you in due course.
I am fresh off the plane and catering hundreds of samples of delicious wholefood nourishment for tomorrows presentation at the Food Is Medicine day of The MINDD Foundation International Forum and Conference. Friday has sold out but if you are coming do come and say hello.
I am then off to Noosa for three weeks where I will be in house chef to a delightful couple who have invited me back after a good experience a couple of years ago. I will nip home to see Jude Blereau’s latest book launched on June 1st and then June 2nd Jude and I and Dr Rosalba Courtney are hosting another seminar at Glenaeon Steiner School in Middle Cove. Apologies for the late notice, the details are below, there are places still and bookings can be made here on Jude’s site. I will be away again for a few weeks and have not yet planned my next programme of classes. I have had many requests for my capturing culture classes, sourdough baking workshops and winter wholefoods, let me know if there is a class you would like to see on the programme? I look forward to seeing you where I do. Many thanks to those that recommended me to your UK contacts I so appreciate that you did. I had a great time working there and had to tear myself away from my family, old and new friends. Still I am thrilled to be back where my daughter lives, in this great wide sunny land where the skies go on forever.

Seminar invite June 2013

Christmas catering menu’s to inspire you. Expect a few recipes in my next newsletter, subscribe to receive

Watery images from the great southern land and from the cold north. Winter is represented by the element water.

Sadly, for me there will be no in-house Christmas catering appointments in beautiful Palm Beach downunder. However if you need any ideas or information for your events let me know.

I am still in England, where my mothers health has improved beyond expectation. I like to think that our loving care and my nutrient dense cooking have been the cause. I am certain these have helped but my mother is a woman of great heart and spirit with a fighting passion for life and she is loving having my sister and I ‘at hand’. So here I stay, for now.

In Britain it is the season for hunting, shooting and fishing and game is in plentiful supply. It is also time to get close to a roaring fire and spend time celebrating with friends. There is masses of fantastic produce here, which I can’t wait to utilise in my Christmas events catering.

I have recently had the great pleasure of cooking up some exquisite local produce for the most delightful people. There is nothing more fulfilling than spending the time it takes to produce beautiful food, for people who recognise what that takes and enjoy the results.

Although it is Autumn here I was asked to deliver very light, interesting food with Australian/Asian style and to ensure the diners were sated but in no fear of being overly full. I generally develop menu’s in conjunction with a clients wishes and cost according to the number catered and the menu chosen. The possibilities are endless and with wonderful winter local grass fed meats, game, seafood and produce to use  I am anticipating sumptuous events – now all there is to do is spread the word and bring on the clients!

If you have friends in London please pass this on, so that they might utilise my talents over the festive season and beyond. If I have catered for you and you have appreciated the results, your introductions and recommendations would be most appreciated.

My UK Mobile 07786922248 or

Here are two recent menus that may inspire you this season. If you need ideas for substitutions of seasonal produce local to you, drop me an email. All animal produce chosen is organic, free range and grass fed, and fish are line caught or sustainably fished.


  • Crisp Kombu bows
  • Daikon and lotus root with ginger arame
  • Kohl rabbi with chilli cured sashimi
  • Seared eye fillet twists with sesame mustard oil and shiso leaves


  • Whole poached hake
  • Short grain brown rice and mixed toasted seeds salad
  • Blanched mixed radish salad with arame, sprouts and a brown rice vinegar dressing
  • Wilted kale and green beans with toasted sesame seeds
  • Crisp bitter greens


  • Pears poached in a light ginger, mirin and vanilla syrup
  • Mascarpone cream and maple sugar shards



    • Native Oysters – with umeboshi and fresh mint
    • Steamed Orkney hand dived scallop; on the shell, with yuzu and ginger juice – if you haven’t yet, subscribe (on right) to receive my newsletter and this recipe
    • Seared Tuna with shiso and fresh horseradish
    • Hot smoked guinea fowl breast with garlic chives and beets wrapped in pickled red cabbage


    • Barberry duck breast with star anise, mandarin and ginger
    • Sautéed quinoa with puy lentils and tiny cut vegetables
    • Citrus fennel salad with watercress
    • Crisp bok choy with tamari dressing and toasted seeds


  • Almond milk jelly in green tea syrup with a crisp hazelnut macaroon – if you haven’t yet, subscribe (on right) to receive my newsletter and these two recipes