Autumn and Winter Cooking Classes

For all who have been keenly awaiting the next class programme thank you for your enquiries and for waiting.  I will use this blog to offer you seasonal whole food related information, products and services, recipe tips and recipes. If you would like to subscribe you will receive all updates; as they are posted. To make bookings for these classes, private classes or to enquire about catering or food coaching please contact me via email. I look forward to seeing you through autumn and winter. These beautiful eating apples are my all time favourites, ‘Spartans’. They are a heritage breed with dense sweet and slightly tart flesh, they are crisp, like the air in Autumn and their flesh is brilliant white. This breed is hard to find here in Australia, but very well worth the search, Ripe The Organic Grocer sells them in Melbourne and you can try Granny Smiths at Turramurra in Sydney; they sell heritage apples grown in Orange NSW. In my opinion these growers certainly deserve our support. I took this photo at the Broadway markets in Hackney last time I was in London for Autumn, a market worthy of a visit when next you pass that way. If you know of other places to buy heritage apple varieties please spread the word.

One Comment on “Autumn and Winter Cooking Classes”

  1. queen beryl anne says:

    wow holly looks so good,
    The fish – fantastic & I love that gold bowl with quinoa, beans and corn!!
    much love and congratulations

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