New and distinct recipes and This Goes With That – why put foods together any special way?


Since you kindly, just keep coming back for more. I am developing new dishes to delight you. Classes will now offer distinct recipes, for you to grow your wholefood repertoire with each new class you attend. As ever classes feature recipes to suit the needs of omnivores, vegetarians, vegans and the gluten free. The Sourdough baking workshops are not for the gluten free.

I frequently say that ‘what grows together, goes together’ and I hold this as a valuable place to begin when creating a dish or a meal. Some foods are marriages for one another, such as the basil and tomatoes with crisp sea salt, mushrooms, leeks and thyme with a little tamari, tempeh and coconut with limes, turmeric and fish sauce, or dare I say sourdough bread and freshly churned raw butter – I dare. But never would I say, olives go with coconuts and lime leaves or tempeh loves olive oil, these are not culturally related ingredients and when I am in the kitchen they simply don’t belong in the same pot.

The ingredients to choose are one thing and then there are the food groups and how to use these to your advantage and for optimum digestion. I am not one for complicated regimes or dieting as such. The This  Goes With That class provides simple recipes and an easy to follow food combining chart that you could use in several ways. Feel lighter and more ‘alive’, look vibrant, lose a few kilos, increase your appreciation of the food you eat and find new inspiration in the kitchen and at your table.

At A healthy View in Balmoral On February 10th. I will teach you a range of quick and easy recipes and Michele Chevally Hedge will provide a wealth of nutritional advice to assist you to cleanse, while you continue to eat delicious satisfying meals. Our aim is that you will leave refreshed and ready to put things together a new.

A few places remain, we love teaching to a full house, so please come or help us spread the word.

More classes and booking details here


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