Seminar April 15th. Growing Healthy Children with Food to Heal, Nourish and Delight

I am thrilled to be co hosting this seminar with these two extraordinary women, both are masters in their fields of expertise. The wealth of knowledge and wisdom they can bring to this topic will make the day worthy of your time. It is during school holidays we know, but this is the only time Jude is available on this trip to Sydney. Jude’s depth of understanding and her experience with wholefoods makes her one of my most favoured companions.
Rosalba is a highly respected academic, a versatile healer and a pragmatic counsellor, it was she who introduced me to the transformative research on nutrition conducted by Dr Weston Price, which has so positively affected my own work and the health of my family.
Our seminar will explore the what, when and how to feed our children today, which is the cause of much controversy and confusion, especially in regards to fat. This seminar looks at what healthy, wholesome food truly is and what foods are best to grow happy, healthy children and indeed what a happy, healthy child actually looks like!
Dr Rosalba Courtney is an osteopath, naturopath and one of the authors of “Natural Health and Healing for Children”. Rosalba brings over 30 years of experience to this subject. She is a passionate advocate for children’s health, using the fundamental elements of health; nourishing food, proper breathing and attention to proper structural development.

Whole and Natural Foods Chef, Jude Blereau is the author of “Wholefood for Children – Nourishing Young Children with Whole and Organic Foods” and with a background in Early Childhood Education, will discuss what, when and how to feed our children, including topics such as fussy eating.

As gut health is an important aspect of growing healthy children, I will bring my understanding and knowledge of gut ecology and gut health. I will talk about good bugs, and describe how you might make a start including these live, life supporting foods at home. this will include overt and covert means.
All notes and recipes will be supplied, with a delicious afternoon tea made by Jude and I, our baking is not to be missed.
Booking Details
Sunday 15th April, 2012
Time: 1.00pm – 4.30pm
(Doors open from 12.15pm)
Venue: Glenaeon Steiner School, 5A Glenroy Ave, Middle Cove (parking available down the hill and around the basketball court outside the Hall)
Price: $65.00 inc GST to buy your spot go to
*** No tickets issued – your Paypal receipt is your proof of purchase
For enquiries please email us:

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