Autumn not Spring? I am in London, for now. Britain’s real food offerings are really stunning.

British ‘Real Food’ is superb and it is in plentiful supply. This afternoon I will make an appearance at London’s Real Food Festival. I am excited to see what the real food markets on the South bank of the Thames will offer in the way of produce. The brief is to shop and then demonstrate in a kitchen set up under the London Eye opposite the Houses of Parliament, how grand! My sister bought this crab home from Norfolk along with a big bundle of the freshest samphire I have eaten. I love the juicy pop it makes when you bite and its definite sea saltiness. The crab was sweet and meaty and easy to get at.

As you see, I am far from Sydney Spring, away from my  ‘home’ of 31 years and here to stay in London for an unknown period. I arrived here mid summer, just before the Olympic games began.

I returned to Perth to teach Sourdough baking, lacto-fermentation, on Meat and Fish at the Whole and Natural Chefs Training Programme, which Jude Blereau of Wholefood cooking has just completed. It provides is an excellent pathway to a career in our industry and the students produced some fabulous dishes.  Sardines are a Western Australian delight and these were cooked beautifully by a student, a fantastic first go, they were speedily consumed by us all.

I have been back in London since mid August and on my return I was met by the extraordinarily uplifting Paralympic atmosphere. Suddenly I had lots more time for watching the telly!

It is incredible how fast life can change, here today with a full schedule of classes and vital things to do and then one sad phone call alters it all. My Mother is gravely ill and London is where I wish to be, while she is here to be with. Thank you to all the people who were booked into classes, catering jobs and food coaching. Your understanding and kindness have been a great support and I apologies for any disappointment my sudden departure caused you.

I am beginning to settle a little now and could work casually, a couple of days a week. A private or group class or two or personal chef work would be ideal. As it is turning into Autumn here now a personal chef, to fill the fridge and freezer, with slow cooked deliciousness must appeal to more than one household? If you know anyone who might like that service or someone looking to detox or improve their dietary habits please send them my way.

The current classes page, as you see  is all wrong and quite out of date now. I have not yet found the space to recreate it but I will as soon as possible. I will also post some of the delicious things I have been finding to eat.

I dont expect to return to Sydney for several months and so the next Australian class programme is likely to be from late January next year. I have had lots of enquiries about that programme. If you have been in touch and not yet heard back I apologise. I have been consumed by family circumstances and will contact you as soon as possible. If you like to plan ahead let me know and we can discuss details and dates. My email is the best contact for now. I have a UK mobile +44 (0) 7786922248 or email 

2 Comments on “Autumn not Spring? I am in London, for now. Britain’s real food offerings are really stunning.”

  1. ES Shore says:

    Thanks for this update Holly, it’s fabulous to read. All the very best to you and your mum,

    I’m trying your sourdough from your book, Nourish.

    my thoughts are with you, warm regards Ellie Shore

    Scotland Island NSW 2105 AUSTRALIA

  2. Kerrie Kiely says:

    Thank you Holly, enjoy your time in London, sounds like you are in the right place for many reasons. I look forward to when you return to Sydney and more sharing of your wonderful knowledge, cheers Kerrie kiely x( also in Europe) from av,

    Sent from my iPad

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