I am teaching in Darwin June 29 and 30. Please spread the news but if you know her, please don’t share where my daughter India might see

Cultured vegetablesMy baby, India, turns 20 in June. Having been parted for so long we are going bush together; to celebrate our reunion and her birthday, but where remains a surprise I hope, until June 13th. This is the best time of year to visit Darwin and a long hard winter in London finds me desperate for warmer climes. French canadian Carole Baillargeon worked at Iku in the early 90’s, she left to for Darwin and established ‘Darwin Yoga Space’. Carole is keen for me to teach a few classes while I am there and so the weekend of June 29 and 30 will be dedicated to that and India will be my beautiful young assistant (I am assuming!). If you have contacts you think might benefit from coming to these classes please pass on this link, all the information is there and bookings can be made through the Yoga School http://www.darwinyogaspace.com/#/holly-davis/4576878769 I am excited to be travelling north and in such good company, there will be tales to tell and we are likely to be keeping instagram busy whilst we are there. My Instagram page is – wholefoodee

4 Comments on “I am teaching in Darwin June 29 and 30. Please spread the news but if you know her, please don’t share where my daughter India might see”

  1. Karen Burn says:

    what a wonderful plan… enjoy the warmth & time together. x

  2. Claire Montgomery says:

    Beautiful Holly

    I was upset to miss you at the MINDD Conference this year (I went to the MAPS training but couldn’t get there on Friday).

    Are you running any tallow classes in Sydney / a ‘re-run’ of what you did at MINDD (if it’s possible to repeat?!).

    Hope you are fantastically well,

    Claire Montgomery

    PS Are the pearling companies up in Darwin? I just wondered if it might be worth contacting Paspaley or any of the other pearling groups and asking if they’d be interested in your June course for any of their employees (as a reward / incentive thing – I used to work for LendLease and they had a very generous Employee Benefits scheme where you could nominate to go and learn anything from public speaking to cooking, etc xxx

    • holly davis says:

      Many thanks for your kind words and thoughts. Sorry I missed you too. It was a big day and great to see the place sold out and so appreciated. I am teaching, I will post info as it arises. It has been a big adjustment returning, great to be here though. Best wishes, Holly

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