3 Photos


Before booking please read booking and cancellation policy

For enquiries call 0412411242 or email holly@foodbyhollydavis.com

‘Nourish Food by Holly Davis’ photos © Geoff Lung 1999 – art direction Yolande Gray

13 Comments on “3 Photos”

  1. Miriam says:

    Hi Holly
    are you planning to do the cultures workshop on the northern beaches any time?

  2. Thanks!…

    Thanks for all your insight. This site has been really helpful to me….

  3. Lieneka says:

    do you still have any spots left in your capturing cultures class. thanks

  4. Diamand Mavroudis says:

    Oh, I wish you would do a DVD of these classes for those of us unable to attend! Please…:-)

    • holly davis says:

      DVD is top of mind, not yet top of the to do list. It is definately something I plan to do. Many thanks for your interest. Where are you based. I am teaching several courses and classes in Brisbane this March, Melbourne in July and Perth in August. Warmly, Holly

  5. Monica says:

    When are you coming to Melbourne Holly? I saw you present at the MINDD foundation training in May and I would love to do one of your courses. Monica

    • holly davis says:

      Hi Monica, sorry for long delay. I shall be in Melbourne September 23 – Sept 30. I don’t have any classes planned but if you are keen and want to get a group together I would be happy to teach there. If you like we could talk. My number is 0412411242

  6. Barbara says:

    Good Morning Holly
    please could you give me some details regarding the workshops in Ingleside

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