Booking information

This information is for classes organised by Holly Davis. Classes offered by independent operators are booked through them, see details per class

Classes are kept small so you are able to get the most from them, so to be sure of your place  – please book early.

Bookings can be received by phone, email and online and will be held 4 days to allow time for your payment to be received and processed.

Payment in full secures your booking – this can be made by direct deposit or cheque.

NB. Please arrive prior to class; there is a lot to cover and it works best for everyone when classes start and end on time. That said, you might like to allow an extra 15 minutes for any overrun.

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend the class, in some cases with sufficient notice (to allow time for your place to be filled) a credit for any other class of the same value may be given.
Or, you can let us know if you have someone who will attend  in your place.

If the class does not fill, 3 days notice will be given and you can choose to attend a future class or have your payment refunded in full.

For bookings and enquiries call me on 0412 411 242 or email

‘Nourish Food by Holly Davis’ photos © Geoff Lung 1999 – art direction Yolande Gray

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