Live probiotic foods, simple to make lively and lovely to drink and eat

“Bacteria are not germs, but the germinators – and fabric – of all life on earth… In declaring war on them we declared war on the underlying living structure of the planet – on all life-forms we can see – on ourselves”– Stephen Harrod Buhner The Lost Language of Plants

Lacto fermented foods are extraordinary and they have the power to restore to us rude health! These live life enhancing foods and drinks foods have been a passion of mine for many years now. My interest in Macrobiotic philosophy and food led me to start fermenting things back when I was just 14 years old! That’s a good long relationship with good bugs. My first cultures were Japanese Takuan radish pickles that stank and jars of miso and then there was a dairy kefir ‘plant’ I got from my cousin Greg. He christened his S.C.O.B.Y, that’s a Symbiotic Collection Of Bacteria and Yeasts ‘Jim’ he gave me what became and still is known to me ‘son of Jim’. Along the way, there have been intense periods of regular contact and periods when son of Jim has spent time dormant, in the freezer. When I am culturing using son of Jim I get a fresh, drinking style yoghurt that provides a wide range of beneficial probiotic bacteria and yeasts and I can also use him to turn sweet coconut water into a refreshing effervescent mineral rich drink. I can use the dairy kefir product as a drink or turn it into fresh cheese and even a very delicious all raw, all food cheesecake! I now grow a range of scobys, I have a Kombucha ‘mother’ which thrives on green, black red and or white tea and raw sugar, water kefir which produces a fabulous sparkling gingery drop. With these helpers at home I always have the makings of other fermented foods, using the product itself or by utilising whey from my dairy scoby. These can be used to make, amongst many other things, digestible nutritious deliciously light pancakes, pikelets, muffins and fruit compotes and vegetable pickles and by employing their probiotic powers they can be used to turn otherwise hard to digest foods into faster cooking,digestible nourishment.
There is something quite magical about vegetable pickles where you take a fresh ingredient and turn it into what equates to medicinal food; using naught but itself and a little salt.
I am including an article I wrote for Notebook magazine it might be of interest and could encourage you to get friendly with fermented foods. This month I have 2 classes I call ‘Capturing Cultures, get the good bugs’ where these foods can be seen and tasted and you learn the what, why and how of growing them safely and inexpensively at home.
Read my article on Probiotcs, written for Notebook magazine

Wholefood – easy when you know how and what and why can only help. Come to class where it suits you best. February and March classes booking now…

Care of the soil and respect for produce
 simple fresh food to savour and share

Start the year with a class in Balmoral, Bondi, Bilgola or Brisbane. By the by the garlic was grown in Bowral, isn’t it beautiful!

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The upgrade is underway, there will be calendars and booking forms for those who like to pay online, for the rest I will be available by email and the phone. Other dates and details of classes in Rozelle, Melbourne and Perth, coming soon. Once done the blog will be the blog and I can continue to wax lyrical about all things foody. I hope to see you around my table this year; to make and break bread together.

It would seem that wholefood cooking in under 20 minutes is in very high demand!

The Little Black Dress class, which Michele and I opened on Saturday for a class on November 29th sold out by Monday morn! So here is the last date that we are both available to run the same class a fourth time. Requests for a Capturing Cultures get the good bugs class are coming in too, if you would attend that class in Palm Beach before Christmas please let me know. I will then be doing some festive catering over Christmas and the new year; get in quick if that is of interest to you. I am developing next years class programme now. Requests for repeat topics and new classes are always welcome.

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December 5th 10.30am-2.30pm Balmoral, Mosman 

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